Chapter 535 ask
Xiao Fan sees that everyone has no different opinions,So I told them directly:“Since everyone has no opinion,Then let’s discuss how to punish Su Ran。What kind of punishment do you think she should be punished??”
There was a brother who stood up bravely,Talk to Xiao Fan:“boss,Although I know it’s not appropriate to stand up like this,But I still want to say,Su Ran is forgiven for doing many things,We all feel nothing。
But boss, you know the rewards and punishments,You should be punished if you do something wrong,So in order that Miss Su Ran will not be criticized,So she has to be punished today。
But we hope the boss will not punish her so hard,Just need a small punishment and a big admonishment,After all1Times。
This time, Miss Su Ran has a long memory,She will definitely correct her problems in the future,Won’t be impulsive anymore。”
Su Ran was very touched to hear a brother say this,My eyes were red immediately,Shen Lin also felt that he did not misunderstand the wrong person,This group of brothers is really a group of very good people。
Able to distinguish right from wrong,Xiao Fan is obviously also very satisfied with this person,This person looks like a real person,It doesn’t seem to have any intentions。
Xiao Fan felt that if he cultivated well in the future, he would be very capable,And can do a lot of things that others can’t do,Judging from his guts,Xiao Fan thinks it is very admirable。
Xiao Fan didn’t smile,Still very cold in face,But I am still very satisfied。
So he slowly said:“Oh?In this case,It seems that you don’t want to punish Su Ran too severely?”
Everyone nodded,Xiao Fan tapped his finger on the table a few times。
Then he looked up at everyone and said:“Otherwise,Let Su Ran be removed for a while,But during this period of dismissal, Su Ran can’t be idle,Need to help everyone complete their work at the bottom。
But not as a leader,But as a colleague to help everyone,Su Ran, what do you think?”
Actually, Shen Lin disagrees,Because Shen Lin knew that Su Ran was very hard these days,Shen Lin frowned,I want to persuade Xiao Fan,Su Ran took the lead as soon as he opened his mouth。