no way,The man in the sky is too strong,It’s not something they can beat。
These people want to go back,The army behind directly fired arrows,Forced these people back again。
The army of Qicheng can come to the sword city so quickly,A large part of the reason is because of these guys’ betrayal,So the headquarters didn’t receive the news。
At this moment they regretted it,But it’s too late。
Chapter nine hundred and twenty-three Xuantian Sword
For the traitor,Every force treats the same way,That is to kill。
Even if they made great contributions to the city,The other party will definitely not reuse,Because I don’t know when,They might betray them。
“from,Old,What should we do now,Zhu Wushuang is too good,Shall we withdraw our troops,Wait for the moment。”Qi Zonghui is scared,Ask for instructions quickly。
withdraw troops?
Smile from the corner of the old mouth,The wrinkles on his face are traces of wind and frost,So his experience and xinxing cannot be compared by others。
“Inform our army,Ready to launch a full counterattack。”
Qi Zonghui puzzled,Now is the time when the sword city is flourishing,Counterattack at this time,No good for them。