2015 NBA Western Conference Finals-Warriors 1-0 Rockets Harden 28+11+9 Warcraft Retreat
The Rockets lost to the Warriors 106-110 away in the first game of the Western Conference Finals, and the Warriors led 1-0.The Rockets established a 16-point lead in the middle of the second quarter, but the Warriors completed a 25-6 counterattack before the end of the half and exceeded the score; Howard retired early with a left knee injury. Harden led the Rockets with 28 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists.In the middle of the last quarter, the game was tied, but Curry, who scored 34 points, still led the Warriors to win.哈登拼尽了全力库里再创NBA历史哈登平生涯纪录  此战是库里季后赛生涯中第8场至少射入5个三分球并送出5次助攻的比赛,这项数据为A new record in NBA playoff history.  The Warriors took a small lineup and scored 50-31 to completely suppress the Rockets.Livingston scored 10 points in the Warriors 25-6 shockwave in the second quarter. He scored 18 points in the game to create a career high scoring postseason. 7 rebounds was the second most in the playoffs.  Although the Rockets lost, Harden’s leader’s performance is still amazing, he scored the fifth double-double in the playoffs (the second double-double in rebounds).Harden tied his postseason career record with 11 rebounds, and 4 steals was the second most in the playoffs.Stars in the field: Curry continued the strong quasi-sports    Curry scored a game-high 34 points, another 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals.His most noteworthy is the three-point performance: Curry has created a new record for the number of three-pointers made in the NBA in the regular season; in the postseason, especially in the recent stage, Curry’s realmImprovement-In the last two games with the Grizzlies, Curry made 6 of 13 three-pointers and 8 of 13 three-pointers, and Curry made 6 of 11 three-pointers.Game review: Warcraft injured the Rockets and lost the Warriors. The Rockets returned to the Western Conference finals after an interval of 18 years. The Warriors reached the division finals for the first time in 39 years.When the Rockets were introduced before the game, the Warriors home fans continued to boo and accompanied by swept shouts.  Smith’s promotion to the starting line is the key clue for the Rockets to make a big comeback after falling behind the Clippers 1-3 in the second round.In the beginning of this battle, Smith scored two goals and sent assists, leading the Rockets to a 9-2 start.But with Howard making two mistakes, Thompson played a 7-0 offensive in the Warriors’ chasing rhythm.Howard successively made Bogut and Thompson fouls, but only 1 of 4 free throws.After Curry scored consecutive goals, the Warriors exceeded 14-12.  Even more unfavorable for the Rockets: Howard collided with Smith during the scramble, and his left knee was injured. After World of Warcraft pacing, he still returned to the locker room.This season, Howard missed half of the season due to a right knee injury.In the second quarter of the first quarter, Howard returned to the side with a heavy ice bag wrapped in his left knee.  The Rockets insisted on attacking the inside. Harden sent four assists in a row to complete the 11-2 offensive and the score was opened.Although Curry made a long shot in the second quarter of the first quarter and scored 11 points on 4 of 6 shots in a single quarter, Harden and Ariza’s midrange shot still helped the Rockets lead. Howard also returned before the end of the first quarter.The Rockets led 31-24 in the first quarter.  Howard is averaging 3.Eight fouls were the second lowest in his career.In the early part of the second quarter, Warcraft was fouled by Barbosa for the second time.Ariza’s long-range shot and strong attack rush basket still led the Rockets to open the score to 40-29.Despite Iguodala’s consecutive goals, Smith made Bogut’s 3-pointer and then shot into the long shot. Harden even assisted with the brothers’ fast break and the Rockets’ 9-0 offensive pulled the score to 49-33.  But the scene after the second quarter is abrupt!The tough defense of the Warriors’ small lineup completely disrupted the Rockets’ offensive rhythm. Livingston scored 10 points in a row to lead to a 25-6 counterattack. Howard led the third foul on the offensive end. Harden frequently attacked but only made one foul; toAfter Curry bounced into the ball on the offensive, the Warriors had overtaken 58-55 at halftime.  Howard is averaging 1.Eight turnovers were the least in his career, but Warcraft had five turnovers in the first half of the battle.In the third quarter, Howard was obviously affected by the injury. After going off the court, he adjusted his bike on the sidelines.The Rockets made only 1 of 6 shots in the third quarter, leading the Warriors 62-57.Terry shot into the long shot after Harden made a near-pointer, and the Rockets just tied Curry and scored two goals in the long shot under Bogut’s cover.Harden returned to the long shot and singled Thompson for a foul. The Rockets chased 71.Curry and Barbosa opened the long shot again.Before the end of the third quarter, Harden scored two consecutive goals and the Rockets trailed 79-84.Harden scored 11 points in the third quarter and Curry 10 points.  Entering the final quarter, Howard sat on the sidelines with anxious and regretful expressions, he did not play again.Harden carried the Rockets alone, and faced Thompson’s defense to score 5 goals in a row, with 5 minutes and a half remaining in the final quarter.But the Warriors joined Harden to suppress the Rockets. Curry scored 7 points to lead the 11-0 offensive. With 2 minutes left in the final quarter, the Warriors 108-97 established the victory.The Rockets didn’t give up. After Smith scored consecutive goals, Ariza steals and shoots a long shot, 14 before the end of the game.The Rockets chase to 106-108 in 6 seconds.But after the Rockets were forced to foul, Curry made 2 free throws, the Warriors led by 4 points to stabilize the victory.With Harden missing a long shot, the Rockets lost 106-110.Media comment: Little Warriors show power and old troubles Rockets Associated Press: When the home score is behind, the Warriors become smaller!Just 16 minutes after this stage in the second quarter, it seems that when the Warriors are about to be captured by the Rockets at home, the Warriors sacrificed a small piece of Draymond Green as the center. This formation system helped the Warriors achieve at the end of the half.Overtake.  In the case of losing Howard, Harden, the runner-up of the MVP competition, almost led the Rockets to reverse the situation; but it is obvious that the Rockets who lost Howard have always been unable to deal with the Little Warriors.  ”Contra Costa Times”: The Warriors have continued their dominance over the Rockets this season.But after sweeping the Rockets during the regular season, this western finale suddenly escaped.The Warriors were 16 points behind in the second quarter, and Harden continued to take over the game in the game.When the Rockets tied the score to 97, the Warriors finally put a smile on their face and played a wave of 11-0 offensive decisions.  ”Houston Chronicle”: Howard was hurt again, the Warriors danced again, and the Rockets collapsed again.Just like in a game at the time, Harden almost once again led the Rockets to overcome injury problems. The squeezed Rockets still saw a chance to win on the road; but just like the Warriors have been making to the Rockets this season, the Warriors can stillWith a decisive attack to destroy the Rockets hope.Initial Warriors: Bogut, Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes, Clay Thompson, Curry Rockets: Howard, Josh Smith, Ariza, Harden, Terry (Skyfire)